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Protect Your Data with PestPac SaaS Solutions

When running a pest control business, your primary focus has to be keeping your customers happy. You don't have time to deal with database emergencies, computer crashes and other IT problems. Paying someone to backup and manage your data is expensive and inefficient. To keep operating costs as low as possible while ensuring that your data is safe, you should consider PestPac's web-based pest control software solutions. These software as a service solutions, or SaaS solutions, streamline the process of keeping your data safe, secure and accessible. They also allow you to recover quickly from disasters.

Remote Backup Software

It's critical to back up the data on your servers on a regular basis. Keeping it onsite isn't the best idea though. A power surge can come along and destroy your server; where will that leave you and your business? PestPac offers remote backup services that eliminate these worries. Your data is automatically backed up to our secure facility. It is encrypted before and during transmission, and it is encrypted while it is being stored. You will enjoy instant, remote access to your data from any web browser. All you need is an Internet connection.

Streamlined Disaster Recovery

To keep your pest control business up and running, you need to be prepared for the worst. What happens if a hard drive crashes or if a disaster destroys your servers? Recovering from that type of thing will be a lot easier when you sign up for PestPac's SaaS solutions. With this user-friendly software, you will be able to restore your database in the cloud and pick up right where you left off before disaster struck. Your data is an integral part of running your business. Protecting it is easy with PestPac.

PestPac pest control software is specifically designed for pest control businesses like yours. Competition is fierce, and you can't afford to be offline for even a minute. Traditional backup and recovery services are exorbitantly expensive, and keeping an IT professional on the payroll is pricey too. PestPac's SaaS solutions make it easy for your company to enjoy automated backups and streamlined disaster recovery. You can breathe easy knowing your data is being stored in a world-class data center. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, you can be up and running again in no time.

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