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Route Optimization for Pest Control Businesses

With your pest management business, it takes effort to schedule service orders and plan your technicians' routes efficiently. Even with the best-laid plans, conflicts arise and cause rescheduling nightmares. What happens when a technician calls in sick or your routes become too large for employees to handle? PestPac features route management and optimization software to help you map, schedule and redistribute jobs to improve efficiency.

PestPac software includes a visual route manager that helps you plan projects and job groups. Find accurate directions to your customers' locations using Google Maps technology, and plan efficient routes for minimal driving. Maps are always current even as roads change and new neighborhoods are built. The visual route manager is web-based and compatible with any browser, so you have access from any workstation or device without installation.

Project management features allow you to develop, alter and save multiple routing plans for individual projects. You can optimize the stops for each group and easily reassign a date or technician as needed. With multiple-user access, your employees can suggest changes to a route and request approval from a supervisor. The application displays the duration, job count and dollar value for each project to give you a clear picture of your routes. Technicians can print directions and routes for easier navigation in the field.

RouteOp is also available through PestPac software and helps you optimize your routes. Whether you are planning an entire month or just one day, RouteOp shows you the most efficient plans.

Scheduling Service Orders

Dispatchers and customer service representatives can instantly determine the best day and time for new appointments. The software considers locked-in jobs, work requirements and technicians' skills when calculating ideal options. Limit the amount of future rescheduling by choosing the best appointment from the start.

Managing Technicians' Routes

Based on each technician's scheduled work, PestPac optimizes the route density and fuel consumption. The software considers time constraints, locked appointments and your company's hours of operation when optimizing driving order.


RouteOp software helps you solve route conflicts to keep your business running smoothly. If you are short on technicians, have overly populated routes or just want to improve efficiency, the software will redistribute work for optimal results. Your inputted constraints are factored into the rescheduling process to ensure that the new plan works for everyone.

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