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Pest Control Management Software and Services

Running an effective pest management business involves more than simply sending technicians to customers' locations. At the office, you must balance multiple accounts, schedules, lead-generation tactics, inventory and customer relationships while building enough profits for expansion. All of these tasks require precious resources like employees and labor hours, but you can simplify management with PestPac, a software application coupled with services and designed for the pest control industry. 

PestPac features industry-specific applications and web-based services to help you manage your business while saving time and money. The software includes client management, accounting, inventory, scheduling and routing applications that you can access from the office or a mobile device. PestPac services help you build and optimize your website to improve online visibility, generate more leads and track your reports.

Scheduling and Routing Optimization

The software's graphical calendar displays the schedules of multiple technicians to help you manage your employees' time. Print service orders and determine the best day and time to schedule new appointments based on existing data. With the route management application, you can limit your technicians' drive time to save money on fuel costs.

Account Management

Access all of your accounts and simplify payment processes from one application. PestPac allows you to print and manage invoices and offer additional payment options to residential and commercial customers. Online bill paying through secure credit card processing opens up new communication avenues for customers. The software saves credit card information so that you can automatically bill clients for recurring services in a secure environment.

Renewal Management and Reporting

The renewal services were specifically designed for termites and allow you to manage inspections and renewals. Print customized notices for clients, and access the pre-loaded WDO/WDI forms to expedite processes.

Inventory Management

PestPac features advanced tracking applications to help you manage your inventory and materials. Control all of your inventory needs from the software using state-specific material reports and convenient dashboards.

PestPac combines all of these powerful features into one piece of software that can be used on a desktop, laptop or a wide variety of mobile devices.

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